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When there are multiple Nodes to execute on, the Node Steps execute multiple times, although the Workflow Steps will execute only once. Workflow steps are always executed in order, so any sequence of steps will be completed before the next step is executed even if they run on multiple nodes or threads.

You can create a plugin to execute either type of step.

Java Plugin Type Define a plugin provider class Refer to the Plugin Development - Java Plugins section for information about correct definition of a Plugin class, including packaging as a Jar and annotation.

Be sure to use the @Plugin annotation on your provider implementation class to let it be recognized by Rundeck (See Plugin Annotations).

Your service name should be one of the three listed below. The class ServiceNameConstants contains static definitions of all Rundeck Service names.

Workflow Step Types Your plugins can be one of three types. WorkflowStep WorkflowNodeStep RemoteScriptNodeStep Each plugin type has an associated Java interface. Plugin properties See Plugin Development - Java Plugins - Descriptions to learn how to create configuration properties for your plugin using Java annotations.

WorkflowStep Plugin Annotate your class with @Plugin and use the service name WorkflowStep. Implement the interface StepPlugin: public void executeStep(final PluginStepContext context, final Map configuration) throws StepException;

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