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There is no doubt that when it comes to static documents, HTML is the great option. However, when HTML is used for creating dynamic views in web applications, it can lead to troubles. As a matter of fact, other frameworks are also not able to resolve those issues that HTML is not meant for dynamic views. This is when ANGULAR JS Development comes into the picture. It allows extension of HTML vocabulary for web app thus providing an environment which is not only express but also quick to develop. It serves a tool-set to create a framework that is apt for web app development.

If you are seeking ANGULAR JS DEVELOPMENT services then we can help you. We are VapourSoft, one of the leading and renowned companies offering a range of web based and digital marketing solutions. We understand that for building a dynamic website, you need a strong foundation that is backed by a robust framework. ANGULAR JS is the right framework for creating rich website user interfaces helping you build a single page web application. Our in-house team includes developers who have technical proficiency when it comes to developing such a project.

Features of Angular JS

Applications similar to Gmail It allows easy creation of single page apps like Gmail. As these apps are sleek and fat, there is no need to wait for pages to load.

Standards It sticks to convention such as Dependency Injection, MVC that make code highly regularized.

RealTime applications It is now easy to create RealTime apps because it has two-way data binding. It can be programmed for updating the web page **without a page reload** and once the data is changed at the backend, it is sent to the frontend.

A glance at the Angular JS services you can get with us

  • Content management tools
  • Interactive dashboards and data analysis
  • Social networking platforms
  • Video streaming and development of location apps
  • E-commerce shopping cart development
  • Theme development and Plug-in development

Here are a few benefits you will get choosing our services

  • Use MongoDB/MySQL at the backend with single page web app development
  • Flexible coding for enhancing user experience
  • Ability to write flawless code with dependency injection and MVC
  • Provide a range of services on several technologies such as ASP.NET, Node and PHP, Ruby on Rails

We take pride to offer extensive ANGULAR JS DEVELOPMENT services that best meet your business and programming specifications. With Angular JS, we can create web develop environments that enhance the experience of visitors to your website.

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